Hotels with water parks

Hotels in the UK and Europe that have their own water parks

Is there anything more thrilling than sliding down a towering water slide on a hot sunny day?! Even in the depths of winter, there is always the possibility of one of Europe’s many indoor water parks, or heading to a sun-soaked destination such as the Canaries...

or Dubai.

European hotels with their own water parks

From Spain to the tiny island of Crete, we’ve been through and found our favourite hotels with water parks, known for their rides, slides and exciting features such as wave pools, rapids, and for when you just want to relax, indulgent spas.

In the UK we have hotels with indoor water parks, where you can enjoy a weekend spent on the world’s longest indoor roller-coaster slide at 250 metres long, or any of the other 18 rides and slides.

Further afield, you’ll find Tropical Islands, a hotel with a water park which is just a short drive from Berlin. Based in an old air-force hanger, this place is massive, so big in fact that you can take a hot air balloon ride across it. It has some incredible water slides, as well as dedicated sections for smaller children and a relaxing spa area for adults.

If you need more inspiration, we’ve chosen hotels with water parks in Hungary, France, Majorca, Portugal, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Greece.

Where to go for a winter water park escape?

Just because it’s cold outside that doesn’t mean you can’t escape to warmer climes and spend your time frolicking in the sunshine at a water park in the Canary Islands or even in the chic luxury surrounds of Dubai.

The Atlantis water park hotel in Dubai is probably one of the most incredible water parks in the world. Rocket down steep slides that plunge you into a pool within a shark tank, how’s that for a thrill? You’ll also find a 2.3km long river ride, a slide that see’s you plummet down at a whopping 60km per hour, plus a host of outdoor pools, restaurants and even rooms that have their own Aquarium views.

World-wide water park hotels from Orlando to Bali

If you are looking to take the family on a holiday of a life time, then pack your bags and head off to Orlando, Mexico, The Bahamas or even the Middle East for a getaway that is jam-packed with fun.

Check out our water slides article to read about some of the world’s most awesome water park hotels, from loop-the-loop water slides in Brazil to a unique beach-side resort in the Bahamas that covers 57 acres, including 11 swimming pools, 9 slides, and a rapid river nearly a mile long.

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