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Discover Tropical Islands: Germany's insanely cool water park just outside of Berlin

By , 6th July 2018

Just an hour’s drive from hip and historic Berlin, you’ll find Tropical Islands – a water park hotel that’s a destination in its own right. Designed as a tranquil paradise to enjoy whatever the weather, it features the world’s biggest indoor rainforest, Germany’s highest water slide and an indulgent, nature-themed spa. Visit for the day or settle into the luxurious accommodation and forget the outside world for a while.

This is a hotel where the beach is (literally) on your doorstep, and the rides and slides will keep you entertained for hours! The spa is also huge with all kinds of relaxing facilities and you can choose the adventure of roughing it in a rustic tent in the rainforest or opt for sumptuous comfort rooms with rainfall showers.

Discover more of what makes Tropical Islands one of the most-loved indoor water parks in Europe with this guide.

A tropical water park wonderland just outside Berlin

Tropical Islands feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of busy Berlin. Perhaps that has something to do with the indoor Lagoon, which is designed to evoke the island paradise of Bali. Paddle in deliciously warm water (32°C, to be precise) while gazing up at palm trees and Balinese-style huts. Or swim under a rushing waterfall and explore the mysterious grotto on the other side.

For a different sort of adventure, head for the Rainforest, which sprawls over an impressive 10,000 square metres. It’s a natural ecosystem, all growing organically and in harmony with nature. Discover over 600 different species of plants, as well as turtles, flamingos and peacocks. To step inside is to explore a wild, hidden world, otherwise only seen in remote corners of the globe.

In the captivating Tropical Village, learn more about the cultures of the Malay, Thai, Polynesian and Balinese people. The Balinese Temple Gate is the largest outside of Bali, at 4 metres wide and towering almost 14 metres high. Visit the elegant Thai House, which is built on tall stilts (traditionally to protect the house from flooding) and was created by an architect who has completed commissions for the Thai Royal Family.

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Pools and swaying palms at Tropical Islands water park

The outdoor area at Tropical Islands is aptly named AMAZONIA. Open all year round, the complex features 35,000 square metres of different sizes and styles of pools, all surrounded by swaying palms and wide open spaces. Don’t miss the Whitewater River, where a powerful jet stream carries you along for 250 metres, or the relaxing, heated massage and bubble pools complete with seats. When you’re not in the pool, lie out in the relaxation area and catch some rays.

The indoor pools are just as impressive: the enormous Tropical Sea is the size of three Olympic swimming pools, with the water kept at a balmy 28°C. If you’re feeling active, try your hand at scuba diving with PADI-certified instructors. If you’d prefer to sit back and relax, recline on the real sand on the shore and bask in the sun shining through the clear glass panels above.

At Tropical Islands you’ll also find a variety of dedicated kids’ pools. Beside the Tropical Sea is a shallow paddling area, a kids’ water slide and a fountain. The 200 metre strip of beach nearby is ideal for little ones to create their sandcastle masterpieces.

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Rides and Slides at Tropical Islands water park

Thrill-seekers rejoice – Tropical Islands is home to the tallest water slide tower in Germany at 27 metres high. It offers four adrenaline-thumping slides to choose from. Start with slow and steady family slides or jump straight to the daredevil’s choice, which lets you reach speeds of up to 70 kilometres an hour.

Kids will love climbing onto the pirate ship Moanna and whizzing down the child-friendly slides into the pool. At the Tropino Club for Kids, they can take also to the high seas in their own remote-controlled pirate boats. Smaller children can have their very first waterborne adventure on one of the Power Paddlers, hand-operated dinghies that operate in shallow water and are suitable for children aged three and over.

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Active adventures in Tropical Islands water park

There’s also plenty to do out of the water at Tropical Islands. Start with a game of mini golf on the 18-hole course. Golf-lovers will appreciate the real greens, while novices can hone their skills on holes designed for different abilities.

Next, it’s time to go sky high with a balloon ride. Admire a breathtaking view of Tropical Islands’ blue and green landscape from 15 metres above as you take a trip inside the dome in a free-floating balloon. The baskets are large enough to carry the whole family.

Children can also test their skills in the climbing area at the Tropino Club for Kids, or get competitive with video games at the Treasure Island arcade. There’s a daily programme of boredom-beating activities, too. For the adults, there’s active fun to be had at the leisure centre, with games of basketball, badminton, table tennis and more. Or take a laidback approach and order a drink while you try your luck on the billiards table.

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The largest indoor spa and sauna complex in Europe

Tropical Islands is home to the largest tropical spa and sauna complex in Europe. With views of the lush rainforest and mangrove swamps, you’ll feel part of a natural oasis. All facilities and treatment rooms are housed in faithful models of traditional temples. Admire the intricately carved wooden panels and heated stones, which take their inspiration from tropical landscapes.

Begin your journey of relaxation in the Stone Sauna, designed to resemble Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temple. Relax under starry skies among marbled stone as 90°C temperatures purify your skin. Afterwards, cool down with sprays and showers in the Misty Grotto. The Herb Sauna distils natural ingredients in a copper drum to create an aromatic experience, while the Tropical Village’s Tree Sauna uses temperatures of 95°C to boost circulation.

Cool down with a visit to the Healing Clay Bath. Steam and rain are both used to relax and gently reinvigorate the body. The Salt Grotto, styled after Malaysia’s Gunung Mulu caves, slowly radiates heat to detoxify your body gradually. Complete your day at the Palaneri Mud Hut, Crystal Steam Baths, or whirlpools. Don’t leave without treating your muscles to a traditional, Thai, Ayurvedic or hot stone massage.

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Exotic drinks and dining at Tropical Islands water park

With so much to do, you’ll soon work up an appetite. So head one of the hotel’s many restaurants, which will take you on a delicious gastronomic journey of discovery through the Tropic islands. Start with some international cuisine at Tropical Garden, from fresh grilled fish to tiger prawns with lemongrass and coconut.

To explore Asian flavours even further, make your next stop the Sawadee restaurant, the name of which means “welcome” in Thai. In the morning, it’s the place to come for an international breakfast, but from lunch to dinner it’s dedicated to a buffet with everything from fragrant stir-fries to zingy salads. For a mid-morning snack, pick up a velvety ice cream from the Aloha or Kaikala beach bars.

When evening rolls around, head to the Bora Bora Lounge to unwind with an ice-cold draught beer. The bar is situated on the top floor of the large, meticulously detailed Thai House in the Tropical Village and showcases live music on the weekends. Sip a Polynesian-inspired Mai Tai cocktail at the Lagoon Bar while gazing out over the waters and Monkey Rock.

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Cosy camps and sanctuary suites in Tropical Islands water park

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation at Tropical Islands. For a plush and luxurious option, plump for a Comfort Room. These feature flatscreen TVs, indulgent rainfall showers and are located in a quiet spot outside the central dome. Suites overlook Tropical Village’s picturesque buildings and the beach by the Tropical Sea.
If you’re travelling in a group of two, an Adventure Lodge is a wonderful choice for a private getaway. The rustic design uses carved wood and soft, neutral colours to create a sanctuary inspired by nature.
Those seeking a more rugged experience will love the safari tents in the dome’s rainforest camps. Spend the night in a truly tropical setting that’s still within walking distance of modern comforts such as toilets and showers. You can also choose to camp in a peaceful, 6 hectare site in the grounds next door to the hotel.

More to explore at Tropical Islands water park Germany

Tropical Islands is such a self-contained paradise you may never want to leave. But if your explorer’s instinct is yearning for more travel, there are multiple destinations to choose from nearby. You’re just 17 kilometres from the majestic Spreewald forest, a nature reserve featuring wetlands that are home to rare creatures such as fire-bellied toads and sea eagles.

For a change of pace, take a day trip to Berlin and immerse yourself in the history and culture of Germany’s capital. Begin with a visit to the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, before admiring the Brandenburg Gate with its breathtaking neoclassical columns. Finish by exploring the Berlin Cathedral: it’s at its most impressive at night when golden-hued lighting illuminates its striking Baroque features.

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