Experience the great outdoors with all the luxury touches...

Glamorous camping is basically when you can have your cake and eat it too. Experience the great outdoors, be at one with nature, but also have a decent shower, and a proper night’s sleep. It’s the b...

est of both worlds!

We’ve chosen some of the best glamping spots from around the country whether you want to sleep in a cabin in the Scottish highlands or a yurt in Devon we have something for every happy glamper.

Luxury tents and cabins for glamping

If you aren’t sure of where to go then let us inspire you. If you are looking for a beach weekend where you can have an authentic nature experience then Devon and Cornwall have some great glamping spots where you can be close to the beach but and have a unique experience. For example, ever wanted to sleep in a treehouse? Our glamping in Devon article features a treehouse hotel with a free-standing bath, for an ultra-luxurious experience.

Looking for a ‘glamp’ spot that the whole family can enjoy? Well, we have glampsites where everyone including your dog can join! Look out for our article focused on dog-friendly glamping, featuring popular locations from across the country where both you and your dog can explore the surrounding nature and sleep together under the stars.

Unique hotel experiences

Glamping is also an opportunity to experience something unique, whether it’s sleeping in a treehouse, an old log cabin or in a special location such as in one of the designated ‘dark skies‘ regions in Scotland from which you can spot the milky way. If you are looking for more inspiration on unique experiences, check out our article on staying in an ice hotel or a hotel with an outdoor bathtub where you can take in the view whilst soaking in the tub!

Top tips for glamping successfully

Finally, if you are at all nervous about glamping let us offer some advice:

  • Firstly dress for the weather and pack layers for the night time, preferably of breathable fabrics such as cotton and wool.
  • Take a hot water bottle, as this will help your thermo-blankets to heat up quickly and trap the heat in.
  • Wherever you are on our fine Island, it can always rain at any time. If you have waterproof clothing take it, and always have a dry pair of socks ready for when you take off your shoes.

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