Find out the best places to eat in Liverpool for your next foodie adventure

In a city where celebration is a way of life, great places serving diverse food are springing up all over

Liverpudlians love to have a good time. This is a city defined, in large part, by its exuberance: Anyone who’s been out on the town here will be all-too aware of that. But while a Liverpool night out might have once have taken place exclusively in its pubs and clubs, excellent food is becoming an increasingly important part of the culture.

The city is enjoying a golden era in terms of food. A spirit of adventure has washed through the restaurant scene, bringing with it a plethora of

interesting places where culinary technique is allied to a passion for flavour. A historic sea-faring tradition is reflected in the best places to eat in Liverpool — listed here — where ideas from around the world are increasingly at home.

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1. New restaurants: Be one of the first to discover Liverpool's new food hotspots

Why go to one restaurant when you can tackle 12? The GPO, Liverpool’s largest food hall, opened in the city’s former central post office in June, 2021. Food takes in everything from Nashville fried chicken to the food of the
Levant, but perhaps the most exciting resident is Nama, offering top-quality sashimi, nigiri and other Japanese-inspired small plates.

Liverpool is a port city but fish here has rarely gone much beyond fish and chips – so Nama is a genuine game-changer, with the potential to drive quality up across the city. Don`t miss it!

2. Liverpool City Centre: Come hungry, leave happy in these central restaurants

There are few modern restaurants as iconic as Leaf, which opened in 2007 as a tea shop and found its home on Bold Street in 2010. Home to multitudinous events and open all-day, it’s as much a living room as a restaurant – but the food is as key to its success as anything else.

Whether you come at breakfast, lunch or dinner you’ll find hearty, good-value food that reflects Leaf’s down-to-earth approach. This is one of the best places in the city to get a burger, from classic beef to halloumi to Moroccan chicken.

3. Michelin star: Get fancy and experience flavour-filled dishes

Across the river from Liverpool you’ll find Fraiche, a restaurant whose food is described by the Michelin Guide as “a global tour of delicate, flavour-filled dishes with a playful edge.” Chef Marc Wilkinson opened Fraiche in 2004 and has spent the years since building a reputation for food that combines tradition with playfulness, but never at the expense of flavour.

Prices are as you’d expect for a Michelin-starred establishment – but the experience is worthy, since you’re unlikely to forget the six-course Signature Menu. Have a dinner in the restaurant is also a great opportunity to celebrate a special occasion or have a memorable romantic date.

4. Restaurants with a view: Observe Liverpool landscape from above

When it comes to Liverpudlian restaurants with a view, Panoramic 34 is in a class of its own. Based on the 34th floor of West Tower, the city’s tallest building, it offers views across Liverpool and over the Mersey to the Wirral and beyond – a great place to observe the city beauty from above.

And it’s not just about views: local chef Elliot Hill’s modern British food is delicate and delicious. There’s a tasting menu taking in some of the UK’s finest ingredients — from Creedy Carver duck to smoked eel — and one of the best Sunday lunches in the city.

5. Quirky places to eat: Experience a different dining atmosphere

Swashbuckling is a Scouse tradition but at The Smuggler’s Cove they take it one step further. The food sticks to rib-sticking classics — including Scouse, the traditional stew that gave Liverpudlians their nickname. For the decor, the look is full-on nautical, with dark wood, ropes, multitudinous bottles of rum and dim lighting conspiring to create an atmosphere that is likely to shiver your timbers.

Early riser? Try their breakfast menu, complete with Bloody Mary. About as much fun as you can possibly have without setting sail.

6. Indian restaurants: Spice up and bag a bhaji butty in Liverpool

Like much of the UK, Liverpool has long had a passion for Indian food, but quality and variety have improved hugely in recent years. Amongst those leading the charge is Bundobust, which offers vegetarian Gujarati grub and superb beer, at excellent prices.

The Bradford pair behind Bundobust really know their stuff, and have built a menu that radiates passion for the cuisine and a sense of humour: Dishes like bhaji butty and chole saag are as delicious as they look.