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Fun for you two: The best things to do in Liverpool for couples

Get into the romance mood and discover the best activities for your next romantic date in this vibrant city

Liverpool surprises and delights in equal measure visitors and locals. While it’s famous for being the home to the Beatles, the city’s rich history still has a huge influence to this day. Everywhere you turn you can see the old mixed with the new – and there is no shortage of highbrow entertainment, specially for couples looking for a different activity to do together.

When it comes to fun things to do in Liverpool for couples, the city really does have it all. From fantastic restaurants and bars, cultural experiences and outdoor landscapes, to amazing spa days, here are some favorite activities from locals in the know. So, get ready to surprise your partner with a memorable (and fun) experience in your next weekend date.

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1. Romantic restaurants: Impress your date with a diner to remember

The ethos behind Lerpwl, the Barrie Bros’ fine dining restaurant located in Albert Docks, is simple. Seasonal, fresh produce that supports local producers and farmers to create delicious food that appeals to every type of diner. Why not have pre-dinner drinks at Margot’s oyster and cocktail bar first? Soak in the ambience, marvel at the high-vaulted brick ceilings and sip a Copacabana cocktail before heading to the main restaurant.

There is an extensive choice from the £90 Chef’s tasting menu to the £35 a la carte. Feast on lobster claws and fresh oysters, deer tartare or even a whole roasted duck to share. And if you’re not too full, finish off your meal with Lerpwl’s Liverpool tart — lemon, sugar and sheep’s milk ice cream. Contemporary interiors, a cool vibe and outstanding food will impress any date.

2. Unusual activities: Get ready for some adult fun in Liverpool

Fancy a bit of ghost hunting? Go in search of ghouls and spooky shenanigans in Liverpool’s ancient streets buildings and neighbourhoods with award-winning Shiverpool. But don’t just expect a history lesson or a few frightening tales, the Shiverpool tours offer an interactive and immersive experience in some of Liverpool’s most fascinating sights.

Their Hope Street tour is the most popular, taking in the Cathedral Quarter, the City’s Georgian Old Town and the creepy St. James’ cemetery, Liverpool’s former necropolis and the burial ground for over 57,000 bodies.Venturing out in the dead of night, surely some paranormal activity will be seen? And if you do get scared, you can always cuddle up to your other half.

3. Date ideas: Plan a romantic stroll around Liverpool`s lovely spots

There are times when it comes to matters of the heart that it’s the thought that counts. Grab your loved one’s hand and stroll along Liverpool’s waterfront and head to the docks. On the railings, you’ll discover hundreds and hundreds of love locks signifying unbreakable bonds. They began appearing over two decades ago and have been growing in number ever since.

And while this is a tourist hotspot, it’s still rather sentimental seeing so many hanging there together. By adding your own love lock, you’re giving your partner a significant and public declaration of love. A rather lovely gesture that won’t cost the earth.

4. Cute cafes: Get cosy and taste a nice coffee for two

Chow down on rye-laden open sandwiches, rainbow-coloured salads and sweet waffles in Malmo on Hanover. A cute cafe located in the MYA building in Hanover, Malmo has made it their mission to use only the freshest ingredients. Interiors are Scandi-chic, think tables studded with sunlight from the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

If you fancy hanging out with your partner for breakfast, brunch or lunch, there’s much to choose from. Favourites include eggs in purgatory — two free-range poached with a tomato and fennel sauce and artisan bread, as well as the house salt beef brisket, smoked cheese and pickle bagel, all washed down with strong coffee.

5. Romantic sunset: Cuddle up, while the sun goes down

Perhaps one of the finest urban sunsets in the UK, head to Albert Dock and take a stroll before settling down to watch the colours turn russet and orange as the whole of Merseyside is silhouetted in the sky, and the River Mersey shimmers.

You don’t need to book anywhere to enjoy this natural spectacle, but if you fancy a drink, there are several bars with outdoor terraces. Better still, take your own drinks and a blanket and snuggle up together for this special moment.