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We know where your partner is taking you for a romantic city break

By , 5th September 2017


We’ve crunched the data and found out where you are going on your next romantic city-break. Simply match your partner’s personality type to the one’s below to reveal your ideal romantic city-break destination!

Organised Ollie



Always on time, never misses a date and never forgets to pack his toothbrush – let us introduce you to Organised Ollie. If your partner is frighteningly organised then you’re most likely to be heading to Cardiff, where hotels are typically booked a whopping 70 days in advance. Ollie’s triple checked your ring size and told the waiter at Cardiff’s exclusive Mint and Mustard restaurant, the exact moment to bring out the Champagne – this has been months in the planning!


Last-minute Lucy



Let’s be honest, Lucy won’t be here for several minutes as she’s running late. Again. For the person who’s constantly trying to catch up with themselves, we suggest booking a romantic break in Bristol! This sparkling city is filled with hotels that are used to late comers, with the average booking time being just 35 days in advance, so you are most likely to find availability somewhere special and be sure that Last-minute Lucy will fit in perfectly amongst all the other guests who booked a room just in the nick of time! When in Bristol, take your time and enjoy some slow dining at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse.

Loadsa Money Luke


UK-romantic city break -loadsa-money-lukeIf you’re planning to marry rich, then congratulations, you’ve hit the jackpot with Luke. When he’s not bathing in wads of cash, Luke can be found cosseted in romantic hotel rooms in the glittering city of Liverpool. Luke’s never stayed in a hotel room that’s not a suite, and if it doesn’t have an in-room Jacuzzi then it’s probably not even a real hotel. Luckily Liverpool has a plethora of swanky hotels where Luke can flash the cash at well over £300 a night. Hopefully, Luke will treat you to dinner at PanAm Restaurant for some fine European fusion cuisine and exquisite wine.

Bargain Betty



Betty would love to take you on a romantic weekend away, but due to self-imposed austerity measures, she’s on a budget. But have no fear, because the historic city of Sheffield is the unofficial romance capital of the UK – or at least it is in Betty’s eyes – with hotel prices averaging £79 a night. As one of the best value cities in the UK to stay in, Sheffield is the ideal getaway to explore some new sights and enjoy all the luxuries of a hotel stay without breaking the bank. You’ll split the bill at somewhere like Prezzo, enjoying a slap-up meal that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Reliable Ryan



Your dog’s died, and who’s the first person to call with his condolences? It’s Ryan. Nan needs a lift to the shops? Ryan’s already waiting outside with his car and Bag for Life. Good ol’ Reliable Ryan deserves a romantic city break in Nottingham. Home to to England’s oldest pub, great shopping and a buzzing nightlife, Nottingham’s hotel prices hardly fluctuate at all throughout the year, so you can rely on consistently good deals. And because he’s Reliable Ryan he’s already booked you a table at Jamie’s Italian where you are guaranteed consistently good food!

Flaky Francesca


Putting the urgh in Edinburgh, Flaky Francesca is forever making plans and then changing her mind. Sure, we’ve all done it, but Francesca more than most. She flaked on your date last week, so in order to make it up to you she’s booked a hotel room in a city whose hotel prices also struggle to make up their mind. Depending on when you book, hotel prices in Edinburgh can fluctuate a lot so perhaps have a few dates in mind in order to get the best deal. Whilst in Edinburgh be sure to book a table at The Witchery by the Castle the locals’ favourite spot for fine dining.

Steady Eddie



Eddie’s lovely. At first you fancied his mate because let’s face it he is fitter, but now that you’ve gotten to know Eddie he has completely won you over with his charm and loyalty. Salt of the Earth, Eddie is going to take you to somewhere like Glasgow, which on average has hotel prices that are 50% less likely to fluctuate than their flaky sister city Edinburgh. Glasgow is the perfect ‘going-steady’ city and with access to the stunning Loch Lomond, plus a host of fantastic cultural offerings you are guaranteed a good time! Book a table at La Laterna for a quiet and sophisticated night of fine dining.

All-in Amy



Whatever it is, no matter the time or place, Amy’s all-in. If it’s not 100% then you might as well not bother, because if Amy’s getting involved she’s not here to muck about. Luckily over in Leeds, they don’t tend to do things by halves either. Most hotel booking in Leeds are 3-star or more perfect for ‘go big or go home’ Amy. Amy can go all-in on the breakfast buffet enjoying pastries, fruit, cold meats and of course a Full English before heading out on a jam-packed day of shopping and sightseeing. In the evening head for a delicious meal at Mr Nobody where you can go all-in for an 8 course tasting menu.

‘Just friends’ James


James is a tough nut to crack – one-minute you think you’re in a relationship and the next minute you’re back to being just friends. Perhaps it’s time to take Just friends James on a weekend break to finally figure out what you guys are. As the 3rd most booked city in the UK where 3-star hotels are also the most popular choice, Birmingham feels your pain, it too, seems to be permanently stuck in the middle but perhaps a weekend of exploring the ‘Venice of the North’ and some fine Italian cuisine at Cucina Rustica can convince James you ought to be more than just friends…

Alternative Alex



Always at the forefront of the next big thing, there isn’t a fashion trend, exercise fad or club opening that Alex hasn’t known about for ages. Alex is not going to be impressed easily, and she is not interested in going where everyone else is going unless she was there before the hype. So why not take her to up-and-coming Leicester, this city has relatively few hotel bookings which means it is basically uncharted territory with many hipster bars and fantastic curry houses like Lilu Fine Dining just waiting to be ‘discovered.’

Casanova Chris



This isn’t Chris’ first romantic weekend break – he’s done this before. In fact, you might say Chris is an old hand when it comes to fixing up the finer details; the champagne is already chilled and the Jacuzzi is frothing away. Chris’s ideal romantic break will take place in London, because, let’s face it, there’s less chance he’ll have stayed in the hotel already – with the most amount of bookings and huge variety of hotels on offer, there’s always somewhere new to explore. To make your weekend memorable, book a table at OXO Tower Restaurant for incredible food and great views.

Average Anna



Never one to shine but also never one to hide her light under a bushel, Anna is unremarkably average. She had a great time in high school with her average grades, works in an average job that pays average wage and her favorite ice cream flavour is vanilla. And now that Anna’s in love, for her perfect romantic break she’ll be booking a room in Manchester where the hotel prices are average, the star ratings are average and the amount of days the hotels are booked in advance are… – yep, you guessed it – average! To break away from all that’s average, book yourselves into somewhere extraordinary for dinner such as Panama Hatty’s & Feartherblade Restaurant who serve up delicious global fusion dishes.


book-a table-romantic-breakTop romantic restaurants were sourced by Bookatable, check out their website for more deals on the perfect place to eat.