Warm up your winter in historic Hungary

With a rich history, exquisite wines, epic landscapes, and a culinary culture that crosses every boundary, Hungary is waiting to welcome you this winter.

Hungary might not be the first place you think of when it comes to a traditional ski-style winter vacation, but word of mouth is quickly turning this Eastern European destination into a must-visit destination – especially for a winter getaway. From hip ruin bars and luxe spas to the wild Great Plains and historic castles, Hungary offers a winter adventure like no other.

The good news? There’s still time to book an under-the-radar winter escape – and away from the everyday. So grab your parka, pack your planner and get ready to explore one of the most diverse destinations on earth. Ready…set…indulás!

Budapest – a cosmopolitan city with old-world charm

One of the world’s great cities, Budapest is a land of two halves, each promising a fascinating experience – the Buda side with the famous castle and the Pest side which is more vivid and bustling. From street art and majestic museums to classical concerts and lively clubs, you’re never short of things to do in Budapest.

Unwind in the spas, plan a boat trip taking in the cosmopolitan city in the moonlight, live a life of leisure in the historic spas, and top off the evening with a meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or romantic creature comforts, the capital has it all.

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Greater Budapest – a lush land of art and palaces

You can easily spend an entire winter break in buzzy Budapest, but don’t deprive yourself of a visit to the surrounding area.

Head to the Upper Pannon wine Region to soak up some spectacular scenery and sample some memorable Irsai Olivér and Szürkebarát. Boat down the Danube to the town of Szentendre, where you can explore Hungarian art at the Ferenczy Museum, and take a tour of not-so-humble historic palaces which mark the outlying landscape from Szentendre to Gödöllő.

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Eger region – where subterranean cities meet sky-scraping castles

Dominated by Eger Castle, famous for holding off the Ottoman siege, romantic Eger offers the perfect opportunity to step back in time in a city of churches, cafes and curiosities.

Visit Eger Cathedral to discover inspiring frescoes and catch a traditional organ concert, then make your way to Minorite Church, hailed as one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Europe. To truly dig a little deeper, take a tour of Város a város alatt – an expansive network of cellars known as ‘the city under the city’.

Debrecen and its surroundings – where cowboys roam the wild plains


Debrecen’s modern international airport masks its secret identity as a land of mythical landscapes, sprawling spas and easily accessible tranquil lakes nearby. If you’ve come to Hungary to unwind and commune with the earth, the Debrecen area is the place to be.

Debrecen City Park is the perfect spot to spend a day with the family, while the epic steppe region of Hortobágy will transport you to a land of cowboys, limitless skies and Przewalski wild horses. For a more leisurely experience, slip into the rejuvenating waters of Hajdúszoboszló, home to the Continent’s largest spa complex.

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Tokaj and Nyiregyhaza – a wine region marked by extinct volcanoes

Tokaj is one of the world’s greatest wine regions, with references to the area’s wines dating back to the 12th century. The lush landscapes of extinct volcanos and towering hilltops are just as big an attraction as its aszú wines, so it’s the perfect spot to pair a wine-tasting tour with a photography trip.

The Nyíregyháza Zoo is home to a 500,000-lite aquarium – putting you face to face with sharks and rays – while the outlying Boldogkő Castle offers a fairytale-esque view of the romantically sprawling Hungarian countryside.

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Balaton – a region rich in aristocratic charms

Balaton offers a winning combo of culture and natural beauty, with palaces, lakes, castles and caves all vying for attention.

Helikon Palace Museum, located in Festetics Palace, provides a dramatic glimpse of aristocratic life, with decadent chambers all dressed in the ornate décor of the day. Stroll the gardens and visit the aviary, then head into the baronial library – a repository for over 500 years of books and art. After a day at the palace, unwind with a dip in Lake Hévíz, the largest natural thermal lake in the world.

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Bük-Sárvár – a sprawling land where wellbeing comes first


Hungary may be big on adventure, but it’s also big on relaxation. Northwest Hungary is a land rich in world-class wellness centres, rejuvenating thermal waters and relaxing outdoor experiences. In Bük-Sárvár, the good life is the only way of life.

Head to Bükfürdő and you can indulge in 34 pools, sign up for a wellness treatment, visit the farmers’ market, nab a cosy hotel and cycle the Répce River – all in the same day. Or journey to Hegykő to get a jade-stone massage and de-stress in the carbonated water-filled infinity pools.

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Győr- Pannonhalma – the spiritual heart of the country


Discover world-class culture and cuisine at the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary’s largest and oldest religious centre, with roots dating back to 996. The site features Baroque, Classicist, Romanesque and Gothic elements, making it a must-see for architecture buffs, while the 55-metre tower offers the perfect place to see some amazing views.

Head 12 miles to Győr and you’ll find an ancient city at the confluence of three rivers. Stroll the square, visit the 15th-century Gothic Dóczy Chapel and pop into the Museum of Roman Archaeology.

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