The trivago girl is Gabrielle Miller: everything you need to know

By , 18th August 2016

Who is the trivago girl?

This year has seen the nation take to their keyboards in search of some much needed answers. For too long, they’ve struggled on without knowing the full truth. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re here to answer one of the toughest questions of 2017. The face and voice of the trivago adverts and the star of London’s underground stations, is Australian performance artist, Gabrielle Miller.

Based in Berlin, the talented Aussie actress Gabrielle regularly travels the world with her band Zap! and is a creative force to be reckoned with.

Often mistaken for Robin from How I Met Your Mother, we sat down with Gabrielle – and her soothing accent – to discuss her new-found fame, life on the road and what’s next for the trivago girl.



trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller

Image by Emily Saunders

What’s it like being the trivago girl?

By now viewers will have noticed a hint of an Australian accent in your voice; where exactly are you from? 

I was born in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales but I left when I was five years old. My parents got a job screening women for breast cancer in remote communities. For years I lived in a caravan with my parents and two brothers, travelling to tiny forgotten towns in Australia.

“I have to say, that’s only one side of me on the Miss trivago ad – the slice of me you’d introduce to your mother!”

How do you feel about being an Aussie on TV in the UK & Ireland?

I’m stoked! I’m really happy about it because in the first stages of the audition, they were like ‘we think you’d definitely work for Australia, but we don’t know about the UK’ – so I’m glad it’s being well received.

My accent in particular, especially working in Europe, is constantly a problem which is one reason why I perform physical theatre, it can be understood anywhere. I’ve received many beautiful comments like, ‘I normally hate the Australian accent but I really like yours’ – it’s just surprising for me!

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller

trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller | Photo by Mary Marguerite Bligh Eggleston for Fritz Frames

How have your family reacted to your new superstar status?

My grandparents are glued to the television now.  When I come on my Grandma calls all of her friends, she is proud. My family and friends are very happy for me.

“That’s what performing is for me, it’s an outlet for being a bit wackier, because I’m actually pretty straight down the line.”

We know you live most of the time in Berlin, but are you recognised when you’re in the UK or back home in Australia?

I think if you saw me on the street, it would be pretty hard to connect me with the trivago girl because I’m normally a bit more dishevelled or crazily dressed or my hair’s a different colour. When I was in Australia on tour last year, I had pink hair and I was tap dancing and playing ukulele, or walking barefoot in the street.

When I was  staying in the Adina Bondi Beach hotel, I was in the gym one day and the ad came on the big television. There were five other people in the gym, people on either side of my treadmill and I was just like ‘Whoa, this is cool, no one would ever think that was me!’

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller modelling

trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller |Photo Davey Woodhouse for Fritz Frames

Who’s the real Gabrielle behind the ads?

How would you describe yourself to a stranger? Because your personality on the trivago ad is quite restrained. What’s your real personality like?

I have to say, that’s only one side of me on the Miss trivago ad, that’s the slice of me you’d introduce to your mother! I would describe myself as a chameleon.

I’m a contradiction to the average performer because most of the shows I create are very comical and outrageous but in reality I’m a pretty shy person. That’s what performing is for me, it’s an outlet for being a bit wackier, because I’m actually pretty straight down the line.

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller acting

trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller. |Photo by Jonny Whitlam/Alex Forge

What do you look for in a hotel?

I look at the hotel’s location obviously, but for me having a gym is great, because I need to stay fit – even when I’m on the road. And I love a sauna and a pool.

Country retreat kind of person or city hotel?

Middle of nowhere.

City or beach hotel?

Beach, I’m a nature girl.

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller, relaxing

trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller.

Checkout before the birds or late checkout?

Laaaaaaaate checkout.

Chocolate on pillows or swan towels?

You mean when they’re folded into the shape of the swan? That requires talent! A swan towel for sure.

What do you never travel without?

Um, my diary… because I don’t have a smartphone so I’ve got a million books. So my diary, my camera and my hat – these are all a bit boring aren’t they?

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller

Gabrielle Miller | Photo by Emily Sanders for Fritz Frames

Do you take things because you get homesick?

I’m not really a homesick kind of gal, so not really. My partner, Will, can’t live without Vegemite, so we do travel with Vegemite.

Oooh we had a question about that – are you single? But judging from this answer you’re not single at all…

Nup, I’m not single.

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller single?

Is the trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller, single?

That’ll clear up all the YouTube questions and comments! A lot of people think you look like Robin from How I Met Your Mother

I’m just going to have a look at her [proceeds to Google Robin from HIMYM]… no! I mean someone is always saying I look like someone, I get it all the time. I can see it a little bit though…

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller or Cobie Smulders?

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller or Cobie Smulders?

“The new ads are a lot more my style and I feel like more of my personality comes out.”

Will Gabrielle be appearing in more trivago ads?

So what’s next for you? What are you up to at the moment?

I’ve just filmed another set of trivago ads in Australia. They’re a lot more fun, quirky and slap-stick-y. On one shoot, I worked with dogs which was interesting. I’m falling over a lot, I had different, crazy costumes and I finished filming with lots of bruises.

At the moment my band and I are doing lots of tours and shows in Berlin and around Europe. I also had a solo show, ‘Baba’ which I have been performing in Berlin. It’s very quirky, full of masks and puppets but it’s my only serious show. So that’s taking up all my time at the moment.

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller band Zap

trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller, with her band Zap. | Photo by Marjorie Brunet Plaza

Well it sounds like you’ve got a busy few months ahead!

I turned 30 this year so I am going to South Africa to swim with the Great White Sharks to celebrate! It was my birthday in July but I think I’m going to do it in September because its better timing with the sharks, so that’s exciting. I’m going to spend time in southern Italy and after that we’ve got shows in Thailand and Australia, so it’s pretty jam packed. But I’m going to try and have a month off and enjoy a Berlin summer with my friends.

trivago girl advert: Gabrielle Miller travelling

Gabrielle in Cambodia, one of her favourite travel destinations.

It sounds like you need time off from travel, which is the problem everyone wishes they had…

Yeah, I know, I know! I’m a bit like ‘oh no, another airplane’ but I shouldn’t complain, because I’m very lucky to be seeing these places.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! Good luck with the upcoming shows and we can’t wait to see more of you on our screens.