Experience an unforgettable getaway in Germany

Explore the essence of what makes Germany such a special place, from its stunning cuisine to its natural wonders and rich cultural offerings

Germany is known as the land of poets and thinkers (Das Land der Dichter und Denker). While writers and philosophers have certainly played a significant role, their influence permeates throughout every aspect of Germany, from its food to its atmosphere and customs. Only the natural splendour here exists outside of the influence of writers and philosophers, but it does take a poet to capture the sheer beauty of Germany’s natural wonders and cities.

When you visit Germany, you can feel the essence of what this country has to offer by getting a taste of its gastronomic excellence, exploring its green areas, observing its impressive architecture and discovering fascinating crafts. Every city and region have something unique that will make you experience the local German culture and its welcoming atmosphere. Take a look at our handy guide and get the most out of your getaway to Germany.

Get a taste of Germany by visiting unforgettable destinations known for traditional food and drink

German cuisine has grown in popularity worldwide, but there’s no better place to find the best than Germany itself. Once you’ve made your way to Germany, you’ll want to visit particular destinations that are known for their gastronomic excellence – two very special ones are Hessen and Schleswig-Holstein.

Hessen: the home of green sauce and wine country

When you find yourself in Hessen, you’ll find a variety of traditional dishes available that are each unique in their own way despite similar ingredients and techniques used throughout most of the signature offerings. Their most popular claim to fame, however, is the legendary green sauce made most often from parsley, chives, chervil, sorrel, garden cress, borage and salad burnet.

The wine in Hessen is some of the best in the country with a wide variety of different options to enjoy like Riesling around Rheingau and Wiesbaden. Some of the most unique is the apple wine, especially around Frankfurt and the Taunus mountains. Apples are commonplace throughout the region, and the unique kind of wine and cider they produce is unlike anything else you might expect from a wine tour.

Schleswig-Holstein: local cuisine with unique sweet-sour excellence

In Schleswig-Holstein, they tend to thrive on flavour combinations known as Broken sööt, which means broken sweetness. They take sweet flavourings and combine them with something that works as a contrast, such as sour or salty. You’ll find this throughout several dishes including their specialities like oysters and Büsumer crabs. Keep an eye out for Sylter Royal if you want to try these meat-rich oysters.

In addition to the sweet-sour taste of many local dishes, you’ll also find a wide array of drinks that are prominent. Distilleries and craft breweries are all over the place, with areas like Flensburg being especially well-known for its rum. Schleswig-Holstein is home to small vineyards too that you won’t want to miss out on. Some famous beer companies have their home here as well, like Flensburger Pilsener and Dithmarscher Pilsener, but you’ll also find small local breweries like Lille in Kiel.

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Explore the breathtaking splendour of German green spaces and their stunning natural features

The green spaces in and around German cities have much to offer with stunning features that offer a nice break from the hustle and bustle of urbanity. You can even take a more active approach to your outdoor adventure as well, with plenty of excursions available, especially around Hanover and Weimar.

Hanover: standing for a feeling of calm and relaxation

Hanover is one of the greenest cities in the entire country, as they strive to let the city’s urbanity match the relaxed life of the German countryside. You can still enjoy a bustling urban experience if you like, but it’s quieter than you may come to expect from a big city and full of biking and hiking opportunities.

Among Hanover`s impressive and famous green spots are the Herrenhausen Gardens, a collection of four gardens with more than 300 years of history. All of them are special, but don`t miss the Great Garden, one of the most important and preserved baroque gardens in Europe! Another relaxing green area in Hannover that is worth a visit is the Eilenriede, a city forest that is nearly twice as big as New York’s Central Park.

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Weimar: full of lush parks and perfect photo opps

In Weimar, you’ll find a wide array of public parks and green spaces, with each offering a place to relax and a place to get active. Not only will the local parks here greet you with plenty of vibrant greenery, but you’ll also find yourself close to historical sites that tend to blend in well with the surrounding natural features.

Bike and hiking tours are a popular way to spend time around Weimar, especially if you’re looking to tour its array of parks. If you’re more interested in serenity and beauty, you’ll find impressive garden art set up throughout various spaces. These will embody all sorts of styles, from baroque designs to the latest modern trends.

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See the grand achievements of German architecture alongside intricate crafts created by dedicated hands

One of the most impressive aspects of Germany is its ability to build. When you visit, you’ll find a wide variety of towering structures as well as smaller crafts that you can purchase from vendors who have dedicated their lives to their crafts. Whether you’re looking for history or something special to take home, areas like Erfurt and Bremen have plenty to offer.

Erfurt: bridging culture and craft for hundreds of years

Erfurt is a fascinating German city that’s home to the Krämerbrücke, merchant’s bridge. This landmark is one of the crowning jewels of Erfurt, offering an impressive view into the architectural and artistic prowess of Germans centuries ago, but that’s just the beginning. Along this bridge, you’ll also find several half-timbered shops, houses, boutiques and a delicatessen on both sides of a cobble street, lending a unique and lively flair that makes it as popular among locals as it is with tourists.

Historically, the Krämerbrücke was home to merchants offering precious goods like metals, paints, spices and textiles. When you visit today, the shops tend to focus on hand-carved dolls, porcelain, antiques, ceramics and chocolate. Plus, everything is known for being handcrafted and custom made.

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Bremen and Bremerhaven: a craft paradise with unique shops and beers

The city of Bremen has been known as a destination for shoppers looking for unique crafts for hundreds of years, but its latest offerings are better than ever. For example, you’ll find art galleries and more eccentric establishments among the artisan cottages in the Schnoor quarter. For something a bit more spirited, you can visit Ratskeller, a cellar under the town hall that keeps plenty of wine and liquor stocked.

When you visit Bremerhaven, you’ll find a variety of crafts and shops to explore. Small local producers offer high-quality items like honey, coffee and ceramic products. You’ll even find handbags, which are completely made by hand. Fishing is quite popular here as well, with fish dishes and fresh ingredients available in excess among the local markets, all within a friendly and rustic atmosphere.

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Immerse yourself in the essence of Germany's culture and atmosphere

Germany is a unique destination, offering experiences you won’t be able to replicate anywhere else. From rich culture heritage andtheatre traditions to luxury relaxation, the German atmosphere lets you enjoy whatever kind of adventure you prefer. While you can immerse yourself virtually anywhere in the country, Stuttgart, Passau and Baden-Württemberg are particularly enjoyable.

Stuttgart: a city shaped by a thousand years of history

When your holiday to Germany takes you to Stuttgart, you can enjoy unique experiences that show off one of the most inviting atmospheres in Germany. The locals embrace their rich history, and that’s particularly apparent when you visit the local theatre and gallery known as the Staatstheater and Staatsgalerie, respectively.

Stuttgart was heavily shaped by its auto industry, with several companies headquartered there, like Mercedes-Benz. And one of the most satisfying ways to experience the aura of Stuttgart is to visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum that hosts over 1,500 exhibits and more than 160 vehicles – from the early cars to futuristic research vehicles. From there, keep an eye out for the array of vineyards you can spot past the exhibits, as getting behind the wheel of a vintage convertible and taking in the sights can be an unforgettable experience in the region as well.

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Baden-Württemberg: where great history blends with modernity

Baden-Württemberg can offer virtually any kind of traveller the quintessential German experience while simultaneously catering to a unique set of interests that will vary from person to person. The sheer amount of things to do in this region tends to draw in people from all over looking to explore the seemingly endless opportunities for fun.

The cosmopolitan city of Baden-Baden is the place in the heart of the countryside where excitement meets small-town idyll, deep relaxation meets innovative culinary art and for every piece of modern luxury there is an equally charming reminder of the city’s ancient culture. You’ll find top-class art offerings along the Museum Mile, exclusive wellness and various sports facilities promise stimulating days, new clubs, music events and the historic casino exciting nights.

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Passau: a German town with heavy Italian influences nestled by the Alps

Passau, or the City of Three Rivers, is one of the more unique destinations in the country because it doesn’t come off as very German at first. Italian architectural styles are present throughout the town, with several buildings sporting vibrant colours you wouldn’t normally expect.

The old town here is remarkably well-preserved, with Baroque architecture typical throughout, letting you feel as if you’re stepping into the past. Additionally, this town is located by the Alps, so embarking on an outdoor adventure is hardly even a day trip away.

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