Top 16 travel bloggers to watch in 2016

By , 14th December 2015

If you’re looking for inspiration for your travels next year, then look no further – we’ve put together a list of the top 16 travel blogs to watch in 2016. From Instagram profiles to make you green with envy to first-hand accounts and insider tips, these bloggers will motivate you to take that dream trip next year.

The hipster: Travels of Adam

Top travel blogs for 2016: Travels of Adam

Based in Berlin, self-confessed hipster Travels of Adam is an expert in all things alternative. From the coolest neighbourhoods in Tel-Aviv to the bohemian bars of Cologne, his creative Hipster Guides offer the perfect inspiration for a city break that’s off-the-beaten-track. Don’t forget to check out Adam’s posts on gay travel and men’s fashion and lifestyle too!

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The new mum: Need Another Holiday

Top bloggers for 2016: Need Another Holiday

In her own words, Manchester-based blogger Clare is a first-time mum with a full-time job who always needs another holiday. Her blog has seen a lot of changes this year with the arrival of ‘Holiday Baby’ and now includes insightful advice for jet-setting parents and musings on motherhood, alongside recommendations for the best city breaks in Europe.

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The photographer: Eff It I’m on Holiday

Malta travel blogs: Eff it I'm on Holiday

Relatively new on the travel blogging scene, Vlad from Eff It I’m on Holiday is a young and enthusiastic traveller exploring the best of what Europe has to offer while working a full-time job. His trips have taken him all across Southern Europe, with great posts on Malta, Barcelona and Portugal, but what really sets him apart is his excellent photography. Be sure to check out his guides to improving your holiday snaps!

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The city girl: A Lady in London

Travel blogs to read in 2016: A Lady in London

For all things London, you can’t get much better than A Lady in London. From restaurant reviews to neighbourhood walks, this blog covers all aspects of London life. But despite the name, this elegantly-designed blog doesn’t just cover the British capital, you can also read about creator Julie’s travels around the world: from Kosovo to Kenya.

Start here: Lady in Primrose Hill

The Europhile: To Europe and Beyond

Top travel blogs for 2016: To Europe and Beyond

As the name suggests, To Europe and Beyond is an ode to the continent. The blog was created by Montreal-native and Europhile Marie-Eve to chronicle her return trips, which over the years have taken her everywhere from Iceland to Greece. Readers will also find a wealth of tips on how to save for their dream trips, something which is important to Marie-Eve in her mission to encourage more of us to travel.

Get stuck in: 48 hours in Reykjavik

The handsome traveller: Rexy Edventures

Top travel blogs to read: Rexy Edventures

Over the years, Ed Rex of Rexy Edventures has travelled all around the world – and done so with a smile on his face. From volunteering at a nude resort in Australia (seriously) to ziplining in the south of Italy, Ed will try his hand at most things and has chronicled his adventures in what he likes to call ‘handsome travel.’ Profoundly deaf, Ed also writes about travelling as a deaf person and the challenges he faces on the road.

Start here: Handsome Travel Blogger in… London

The family expert: Mums Do Travel


Gretta Schifano, Mums do travel, with her daughter in Besalú, Spain. Copyright Gretta Schifano

Travelling with children is never simple and while hitting the road with toddlers and babies is difficult, heading off with teenagers in tow brings its own struggles too. For anyone travelling with teens or younger ones, Gretta from Mums Do Travel provides an invaluable resource, full of tips, advice and inspiration for the family on the road.

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The old hat: On The Luce

On The Luce: top travel blog

When it comes to travel, Lucy is a bit of an expert – and her excellent blog On The Luce is great proof. After more than 20 years of travelling, it would be tempting to say she’d seen it all, but Lucy continues to explore new horizons with Western Canada being the latest destination to be ticked off. Readers of On The Luce will also find a refreshing approach to travel style: having already done backpacking in Southeast Asia some years ago, Lucy’s tastes have evolved into what she calls ‘budget-luxe.’

Get started here: Surviving the Souks in Marrakesh

The LGBT experts: Two Bad Tourists

Top travel blogs for 2016: Two Bad Tourists

If you are seeking expertise on all things gay travel, then look no further than Two Bad Tourists. From their base in Madrid, creators David and Auston travel across Europe and the world exploring the best LGBT offerings from around the globe. The highlight of the blog comes during the summer months when the couple attend a variety of gay pride events (ranging from Riga to Reykjavik), offering readers honest advice and great tips.

Start here: What makes Benidorm one of Spain’s most gay-friendly destinations?

The adventurer: City of the Week

Hiking travel blogs: City of the Week

Another up-and-coming blogger (also based in up-and-coming Romania) is Adri from City of the Week. Using all her spare time to travel around the Balkans region from her base in Transylvania, Adri offers some great insights to areas that don’t often find their way into the spotlight: from UNESCO-listed towns in Albania to villages in Montenegro. Adri is also a keen hiker and features some great mountain trails for sporting enthusiasts to enjoy.

Jump straight in: The picturesque Montenegrin village of Perast

The indulgent traveller: Luxury Columnist

Luxury Columnist: a top travel blogger

The Luxury Columnist is a blog that really appreciates the finer things in life. From top tips for London bars to indulgent escapes in the British countryside and abroad, this blog is the only resource you need if you are looking to treat yourself. Blogger Suze has the enviable job of reviewing high-end restaurants and the finest hotels to help her readers bring a bit more luxury into their lives.

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The expat: Packing my Suitcase

Top 16 blogs for 2016: Packing my Suitcase

Packing my Suitcase was created by Allane, a Brazilian expat living in Munich. Her beautifully-illustrated blog documents her travels around Europe and beyond, as well as her exploration of her adopted home country of Germany. A passionate dog-lover, Allane also offers some unique insights into travelling with pets.

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The budget traveller: Travelling Buzz

Best travel blogs: Travelling Buzz

Another relative newcomer to the blogging scene, The Travelling Buzz has quickly amassed a large following thanks to its expert advice on budget travel. A native of Sofia, Bulgaria, creator Maria helps her followers travel around Europe on the cheap, with great posts on London, Athens and Paris. And if you are thinking of heading to Bulgaria, Maria’s series of posts on her home country will leave you feeling truly inspired.

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The nomad: Vagabond Baker

Top travel blogs for 2016: Vagabond Baker

If anyone is going to inspire you to give up your life and pursue a nomadic existence, it’s Rachel of The Vagabond Baker. After dreaming of living on the road, Rachel gave up everything and now lives in a 4×4 camper truck, travelling (and baking) around the country. Rachel’s blog is a beautiful assortment of delicious recipes and travel tales, ranging from her Trans-Siberian adventure to her journey across Australia in a clapped-out car from the 80s.

Start here: Ceduna to Melbourne: road trip Australia

The backpackers: 2 World Wanderers

Top bloggers for 2016: 2 World Wonderers

In November 2014, Kyra & Daniel of 2 World Wanderers quit their jobs and began their epic round the world trip. Since then, the pair have clocked up miles in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Iceland, Italy and Turkey amongst others. Their blog features stories and helpful tips from their travels, as well as pure and simple inspiration to go out and see the world.

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The festival-goer: Vicky Flip Flops Travel

Top travel blogs for 2016: Vicky Flip Flops Travel

There’s very few places Vicky Flip Flops Travel hasn’t yet been. In her years of travelling, she has ticked off 50 countries – and counting. But the fun doesn’t end there – Vicky is the UK’s only travel and festival blogger and her site aims to help readers get as much out of their festival experiences as possible. From the best music festivals in Cornwall to food reviews from Sziget, this blog will have you jetting off and dancing the night away.

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