Sun holidays | the best places to go for sun, sea and sand

By , 19th April 2018

In need of a sun holiday? It’s time to top up your vitamin D levels, dig out your bikini and board a plane to one of these sunny destinations. To make life easy we’ve chosen our favourite hotels in each destination so that all you need to do is book it and start getting excited.

Whether you are looking for a little luxury, or somewhere with plenty of sun at a budget price, we have some great suggestions for you. In Spain you’ll find apart hotels to suit all your needs, or if you are looking for a more exclusive experience then why not opt for a hotel with an infinity pool or even your own private Jacuzzi.  When the sun comes out in the UK there is no finer place to be than at the beach, so why not check out some of the best beach destinations in the UK to top up your tan.

Popular sun holiday destinations

A sun holiday in Majorca for those on a budget

Majorca is the perfect choice for those looking for a sun holiday on a shoe string. Here, we showcase our favourite apart-hotels where you have a serviced room, plus a kitchenette where you can whip yourself up meals and snacks and downstairs there is a communal pool where you can frolic in the sunshine. With all these hotels being both beautiful and budget friendly, there’s little more you could want from a sun holiday…

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A sun holiday that’s cheap and cheerful in Lanzarote

Sometimes you just need some sun and it doesn’t matter how you get it. So an apartment in Lanzarote has everything you need; you can cater for yourself, there’s year-round sunshine, a pool and great beaches. We’ve chosen our favourite self-catered apartments in Lanzarote that are perfect for all the family, so whether you are travelling with small children, teenagers, or just as a couple, these hotels have everything you need!

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A sun holiday in the UK for a quick break

Ok so we can’t guarantee that there will be sunshine but certainly England’s South West enjoys a micro climate that is slightly warmer and a good day at the English Riviera is as if you were in Spain. But wherever you are in the country we have found the best beaches in the UK for you to soak up the sun.

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A sun holiday in Spain with local recommendations

Spain is always a hit but knowing exactly where to go can be tricky. But fear not, as we have asked the Spanish locals where they would recommend for a sun holiday in Spain. Whether it is time by the beach you crave, the chance to top up your tan or simply some peace and quiet in a less touristy area you’ll find exactly what you need. So take a look at each of these Spanish hotels, every one of them a local secret.

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A sun holiday on an island in the Mediterranean

There is nothing like the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean for a sun holiday. We’ve chosen some of the best islands if you are looking for a quiet holiday with exquisite seafood, even better wine, a beach at your fingertips and a hotel that doesn’t break the bank.

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A sun holiday in Marbella for a luxurious beach break

Marbella is perfect for those looking for a sun soaked holiday, with easy beach access and also a little added luxury. Whether you a want a golf and spa resort, a hotel with beach views or a private terrace where you don’t have to race to get a sunbed, these hotels have it all! So if you are looking to sample the Costa del Sol, Marbella is definitely the town for you.

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A sun holiday featuring a hotel with its own water park

A holiday that’s filled with adrenaline and fun

Catch some rays whilst sliding down a thrilling water slide! Whether you simply want to keep the kids entertained whilst you zone out on a sunbed, or you are keen to get stuck in with all the adrenaline-inducing fun, a water-park hotel is always a good idea.

These hotels range from exquisite far-flung resorts in Orlando to hotels that are practically just around the corner in places like Majorca or Greece. Take a look for yourself…

A sun holiday in one of the best hotels with water slides from around the world

Whether it’s hurtling down a slide in the Bahamas into a shark filled lagoon, or dropping the equivalent of nine floors down a water slide in Dubai, these awesome water slides will leave you completely breathless!

A sun holiday combined with a city break

A sun holiday in Barcelona taking in the city sights and some pool time

If you are the kind of person that can lie in the sun for a day but after that you get bored, then why not consider a trip to somewhere like Barcelona? In Barcelona you can choose between the pool, beach, shopping or incredible cultural sights such as the famous Gaudi cathedral the Sagrada Familia. And what’s more, these hotels in Barcelona all have incredible roof top pools, so you can enjoy a sun-downer pool-side whilst watching the sunset over the city.

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A sun holiday in Lisbon for a budget weekend break

Lisbon is the perfect city for a short break that includes chance to look around the city and hit the beach. Each of these hotels provides cheap and cheerful accommodation with easy access to the city centre so you can simply step out of your hotel and be surrounded by the beautiful tiled streets and sunshine of Lisbon.

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Enjoy a sun holiday from a rooftop in Rome

We’ve chosen our favourite hotels in Rome that have incredible rooftop pools, bars and restaurant so you can survey the city from on-high. Sip a cocktail whist taking in the Colosseum, or enjoy a candle-lit dinner in the moonlight above the hustle and bustle of the city. During the day the city has so much to offer from historical sites to incredible restaurants. If you are craving the beach you can always take a train out of the city to visit the nearest beach and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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A sun holiday with an exclusive feel

A sun holiday with the luxurious addition of a private hot tub

Looking to simply get away from it all and maybe even splurge on having your own hot tub on the terrace? Well we were thinking the exact same thing and so put a list together of the best hotels in Europe where you can have a sun holiday that includes a private hot tub on your balcony. Whether you choose Santorini or maybe even a secluded resort in the Swiss Alps, you are sure to find your place in the sun.

A sun holiday in a hotel with an infinity pool

Could you feel anymore smug than when you are surveying the city or the ocean from the depths of an infinity pool? Whether it’s Greece or Majorca you are sure to be soaking up rays in the lap of luxury, whilst enjoying watching the glittering water disappear over the horizon.

A sun holiday with your own private pool

There is such a thing as having your own private pool so you need never deal with other people’s screaming childen again, and if you forget your sun cream it’s no problem to go to your room and get it. Some of the hotels we have chosen have incredible ocean views, others are on rooftops and some offer both a large communal pool plus your own smaller private pool. Whether you are thinking of going to Greece, Spain or further afield we have some great options in this list.

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A sun holiday for year-round sunshine

A winter-sun holiday in Dubai

Dubai is warm all year round, and although it’s probably a little uncomfortable in the height of summer, it is perfect if you are envisioning a little winter sun on your bones. October, Christmas and February are all popular times to experience Dubai at its best whether you want to shop, lay by the pool visit the beach or trek through the desert.

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A winter sun holiday in the Canary Islands

With year-round warm temperatures and cheap flights available, the Canary Islands are the perfect choice for a sun-holiday especially if you are travelling in January or February. Located just off the coast of Africa but with Spanish nationality and more importantly plenty of tapas, it’s perfect for a cheeky getaway whilst the rest of Europe is frozen over. Here we’ve chosen our favourite hotels across the Canary Islands from Tenerife to Gran Canaria.

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