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Spa hotels in Scotland | the ideal places to relax and rejuvenate

By , 25th May 2018

Why not treat yourself to a spa break in one of these incredible Scottish spa hotels. Whether you want to combine your stay with a city break, or enjoy the best of Scotland’s nature from the depths of an outdoor hot tub.

Spend a weekend flitting from the sauna to the pool and back again, treating yourself to a luxurious massage or facial, or simply relaxing poolside with a good book. Each of these hotels have been chosen because they have fantastic spa facilities in a cosy and luxurious setting.

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Click on one of the following articles where we’ve chosen our favourite spa hotels in Scotland, whether they are on the shores of a sparkling Scottish loch, or just a short drive from major cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Spa hotels in Edinburgh

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Book yourself into one of these luxurious spa hotels in Edinburgh, featuring indoor pools, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas and a plethora of facials and body treatments.

Take a walk through the city’s charming lanes, visit the castle and stop for tea in one of the many quaint tea shops and cafes dotted around the town. At the end of a long day of exploring  what could be better than returning to your hotel to relax in the sauna, take a dip in the pool, or even book a calming massage.

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Spa hotels in Glasgow

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Try one of these decadent spa hotels in the heart of Glasgow. Each hotel has been chosen for its ambiance, spa facilities and comfortable accommodation all within easy reach of the city.

Glasgow is the heart of live music, great nightlife, delicious foodie restaurants, a hub of impressive Georgian architecture and a previous European Capital of Culture. Enjoy everything the city offers plus the bonus of being able to relax in the hotel spa during your downtime.

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Spa hotels within an hour of Glasgow

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Jump in your car and head to one of these luxurious retreats situated just a little way outside of Glasgow. Enjoy the countryside, stunning Scottish landscapes and being ensconced in one of these glorious spas.

Flit from the sauna, to the indoor pool and back again all day long, stopping only to sample lunch in the fine dining restaurants or to take a nap in your plush king-size bed.

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Hotels with stunning spas on the shores of a Scottish loch

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Head to one of these spas for the perfect combination of nature and relaxation. Spend your days walking, fishing, golfing or simply taking in the views, before returning to the cosy spa that awaits at your hotel.

Loosen up with a few lengths of the indoor-pool, de-toxify in the sauna and breathe in the healing air of the steam room. Whilst you are there treat yourself to a massage or facial to see your skin rejuvenate before your eyes and leave you feeling invigorated.

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