Nakations: our favourite nudist hotels and resorts to bare it all

Nick and Lins- the couple behind the famous naturist travel blog Naked Wanderings - share their top nudist hotels for both beginners and seasoned experts...

Nakations have become a hot travel trend over the last several years. Although the idea of being completely naked among strangers may be terrifying, more and more people are taking the first steps into social nudism and a holiday is the perfect time to give this a try!

A nude beach is often the best spot for this new experience: it’s free, it’s easy to walk away from if it’s not your thing and the chances of running into someone you know are limited when you’re in Greece or the south of France.

Some like to take their naked adventures a step further and actually book their vacations somewhere they can be naked wherever and whenever they want. This means not only in the pool or the hot tub, but also at the bar or the tennis court.

Is a nakation also on your bucket list? With so many clothing optional hotels, resorts, spa centres and bed and breakfasts, we’ll share with you some our to spots around the world to give it a try…

A summer nudist hotel experience in Greece

It’s taken quite a while for Greece to start embracing the nudist lifestyle, but during the last decade or two the options for the travelling nudist really started booming. All around the country you can find both official and unofficial nude beaches, and its no wonder that nudies from all over the world come over to enjoy the amazing Greek food, ouzo and weather.

A milestone in Greek nudist history was when the Douroundakis family decided to turn their Hotel Vritomartis into the first nudist resort in the country. Several others have followed their idea meanwhile, but Vritomartis is still the most famous, and not without reason. Its location alone is something to write home about. Located in Southern Crete, which is blessed with amazing weather from early spring until late autumn and has some of the Europe’s most beautiful nude beaches. The resort itself is built in traditional Cretan architecture and has a 25 meter swimming pool. Many of the guests rarely leave the place during their whole holiday, but for those who like to do at least something active during their stay there are weekly activities and trips in the area.


Chora Sfakion
8.4 Very good (20 reviews)

A nudist spa resort in England


The United Kingdom is not particularly famous for its great weather and this can be a thorn in the eye for the nudist community. If there’s one thing that can take away our joy of being naked it’s of course the elements. Luckily there’s an alternative: spa and wellness centres.

Clover Spa & Resort in Birmingham is probably the most famous one in the country and is often advised to the first time nudie as the ideal place to take the first steps into the lifestyle.

After a personal tour around the facilities you’re all prepared to start relaxing and become the new you. Sweat away your stress in the sauna, bubble up in the hot tub or lounge on the heated stones. Different kinds of massages and treatments are available to help you relax those ever stuck muscles and if the weather does allow it, deck chairs are taken out and you can work on a nice even tan while reading a good book. Even on a cold midlands evening it’s a spectacular feeling to enjoy the outdoor hot tub.

The bar is the ideal spot for drinks and freshly cooked food, and before you know it the day will be over. But not to worry: Clover has seven hotel rooms where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and start all over again the next day!

Images courtesy of Clover Spa & Hotel

Clover Spa and Hotel

Top rated
9.4 Excellent (167 reviews)

A hotel in a clothing-optional French town

Cap d’Agde on the French Mediterranean coast is at the top of many nudist’s bucket lists. In the early seventies the local beach was designated an official nudist beach, and since then nudist accommodations have been popping up, transforming a parts of the town into clothing optional hot spots. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can wake up, have a run on the beach, get some cash at the ATM, go to the supermarket and end your day in a nice bar or dancing in a club, all without putting any clothes on.

The accommodation options at ‘Cap’ are huge and one of the most frequently recommended is Hotel Oz’Inn, a fancy boutique hotel in the heart of the naturist village. With four different types of rooms, a spa, and its own bar and restaurant, you are assured to have a great holiday. During the summer months regular shows and parties are organised on the roof terrace.

Oz'Inn Hotel & Spa

Cap d'Agde
8.3 Very good (314 reviews)

A nudist resort for tropical winter sun


As an escape from the cold months, many nudists prefer to spend their winter holidays on one of the Caribbean islands. But what if we told you that since the last several years there’s a new player on the market? One that’s much cheaper than Jamaica or the Dominican Republic.

The first nudist resort in Thailand opened less than ten years ago and since then four more have risen from the beautiful Thai grounds. Among them is the amazing Oriental Village near Chiang Mai in the north of the country.

Public nudity is still prohibited in Thailand and the nudist resorts are well fenced off from the outside world. But the moment you walk into Oriental Village you feel that something is not right. Something is missing.

And then you realise: where are the walls?

Because the Oriental Village is in the countryside and the owner has a good understanding with the neighbouring farmers, it was never necessary to build a fence around the property. This means that from the swimming pool and the garden you have great views over the the surrounding fields and the nearby mountains.

Accommodation is available in bungalows for all price ranges and include a basic breakfast. Further breakfast options as well as lunch and dinner are available at the restaurant. The Oriental Village is the perfect place to read a book next to the pool, play some ping-pong or petanque and enjoy the perfect all year warmth and sunshine that Thailand has to offer.

Photos courtesy of The Oriental Village.

The Oriental Village

Top rated
Chiang Mai
8.5 Excellent (19 reviews)

A nudist hotel in the UK with a Jacuzzi


Kerry, Andy and their team are famous among the English nudists for their top notch quality and personal service. At Rivendell they will provide you with everything you need to have a perfect nude time. Although nudity is encouraged, clothing is not strictly prohibited so this makes it a perfect place to visit with a non-nudist partner or friends.

The four B&B rooms provide you with all of the comforts and facilities you’d need; but for the adventurous among you there are the Safari Tents and Bell Tents, which come with all the necessary cooking utensils for a stay in nature. There are also four rental campers available for a more luxurious stay in the woods.

The swimming pool and Jacuzzi are protected by a retractable roof so they can be enjoyed throughout the year. But for us, the highlight has to be the barrel shaped sauna, which has a glass wand through so you can watch the surrounding nature while sweating it off.

On top of that, weekly BBQ and pizza nights are organised and the restaurant has several lunch and dinner options and is famous for its afternoon tea. Make sure you don’t miss out on the scones!

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