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September holiday deals | extend your summer in one of these destinations

By , 22nd June 2018

The kids are back at school and the days are already getting shorter, but why not enjoy the last ebb of summer with a cheeky September holiday.

Extend your summer with a week on a beach in Spain, eating alfresco in Italy, or enjoying Greek hospitality and exploring sheltered hillside villages. September does not need to be back to work and settling in for winter, you can choose to make it the best month of the summer yet, and it doesn’t need to break the bank. If you are willing to do a little DIY and choose a budget flight and a simple, no-frills hotel, it won’t cost the earth.

Our top tips for cheap travel:

  • Find a cheap flight with a budget airline.
  • Stick to the basics when it comes to accommodation, look for good ratings, high cleanliness score and close to the city centre.
  • Places with a kitchen or a communal kitchen mean you can whip up a packed lunch and take it with you, and then splurge on dining out in the evening.
  • Take the bus from the airport not a taxi, it usually only costs a few euros.

We’ve tried our best to include most of this information, so you can make the most of our September hotel deals.

A September holiday deal in Porto, Portugal

Hotels in Porto from £22 | Fly with Ryan Air, Easyjet or Tap

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Advantages of a cheap holiday in Porto?

-Book a serviced apartment and save money on meals by preparing your own breakfast and lunch so you can splurge on a fancy seafood dinner.

Ryan Air in particular offers cheap flights to Porto so if you are in London or Manchester or any top city you should be able to find a great flight deal.

-Porto airport is on the metro system and takes around 30 minutes to reach the city centre. This means an airport transfer of just €2.60.

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Top hotel: Residencial Vale Formoso starting from £35 

This charming B&B offers everything you need for a week in Porto, it’s got a great location, simple but clean accommodation that has an excellent rating from previous guests, free WiFi, and it offers a continental breakfast.

In the evenings head downstairs for a cocktail or a night-cap at the bar.

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A September Holiday Deal in Malta

Hotel deals in Malta from £35 | Fly with Ryanair

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Why go to Malta?

  • The beaches and endless shimmering Mediterranean vistas.
  • Malta packs in a lot of history, the towns are full of quaint lanes, architecture from many eras, and ancient sites for you to visit.
  • Malta is relatively compact, you can get from one side of the mainland to the other in under an hour, so most of the island is easy to access from the airport.
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Top hotel: The San Anton, Bugibba

This lovely 3* hotel in Bugibba has a pool and is only metres from the sea front. Each room is equipped with a TV, private bathroom, toiletries and hairdryer. The hotel also offers a games room, kids room and 24 hour reception, plus a restaurant offering delicious continental dishes.

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A September Holiday Deal to Rome, Italy

Hotels in Rome from £25 | Fly with Easyjet or AirItalia for great deals

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What do we love about Rome?

  • No matter the weather you will enjoy your time there, there is so much to do, whether you want to visit historical monuments, eat bucket loads of pasta or simply enjoy the sunshine poolside.
  • Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport has a train station within the airport and you can take the Leonardo Express to the city centre in around 30 minutes.
  • Save yourself time and money by booking attractions ahead. Waiting for 5 hours for a ticket to the Vatican versus booking online and going straight through? – It’s a no brainer!
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This lovely apart/hotel is located just a 10 minute drive from the city centre, offering 3-star accommodation in studio apartments, ideal if you are looking to save a bit of money by cooking a few of your own meals whilst you are there.

All rooms have a TV, internet, hairdryers and private bathrooms and next door you’ll find a cafe where you can pick up coffee and croissants in the morning before setting out on a day of exploring.

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A September holiday deal to Malaga, Spain

Hotel deals in Malaga from £30 a night | Fly with Ryanair or Easyjet

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Why go to Malaga?

  • Malaga is in the south of Spain and has great beach access along the Costa del Sol, but is also within bus-reach of things like the Alhambra Palace, the avant-garde city of  Seville, and many quaint hill top towns between.
  • Get some sun on your bones on the beaches of Malaga where September temperatures average range from 19-28 degrees.
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Top hotel: Málaga City Hostel with private rooms available

This is without a doubt one of the nicest hostels ever conceived! With a beautiful aesthetic, friendly staff and clean rooms you simply can’t go wrong!

You can book a private double room and enjoy the elegant decor and large windows looking out over the city where there are a large range of attractions on offer plus easy access to the beach.

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A September holiday deal in Lisbon, Portugal

Hotels in Lisbon from just £26 | Fly with Ryanair, Easyjet or TAP

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Why go to Lisbon?

  • Lisbon is full of great architecture, cobbled streets, boutique shops and delicious bakeries. It’s the perfect sun-soaked city break destination.
  • Lisbon is by the sea, so you can take in glorious ocean vistas.
  • The airport is only 6 miles from the city centre, so a Taxi costs in the region of 15 euros and a bus ticket is less than 2 euros.
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This is the ideal place to stay for a budget-friendly weekend, in simple, clean, well-rated accommodation. You’ll get a continental breakfast included in your room rate, and you can choose from a variety of rooms, from suites, private double rooms or larger rooms for bigger groups.

The guesthouse is situated right next to the Tagus river and has views out over the water, and is also a short walk into the city centre. There’s also a communal kitchen, so if you are budget conscious you can make a packed lunch and take it with you on your explorations.

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A September holiday deal in Nice, France

Hotels in Nice from £12 | Fly with Ryanair or Easyjet

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Why go to Nice?

  • Nice is along the Côte d’Azur in the South of France and has fantastic beaches and quaint towns all looking out on the sparkling Mediterranean.
  • The airport Express bus takes around 30 minutes and cost just €6
  • Nice has Uber making getting around so much easier!
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Top pick hotel: Nice Art Hotel

This lovely Pop Art hotel is ideally located just a short walk from the French Riviera, offering clean rooms with private bathrooms, free WiFi, and a continental breakfast.

The Nice-Ville train station is nearby so you can easily take day trips or use the train to get to the airport. Also close-by is the Basilica cathedral Notre Dame of Nice which is well worth a visit, along with the rest of the old town.

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A September holiday deal to Budapest

Hotels in Budapest from £19 | Fly with Ryanair

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Why go to Budapest?

  • Filled with stunning architecture, Budapest is well worth a visit and is an extremely affordable city meaning if you wanted to splurge a bit on a more upmarket hotel it would be well worth it!
  • The airport is just a 30 min drive from the city centre.
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Offering simple, no frills accommodation, the Omega Guesthouse is just one minute away from the metro station, and includes free WiFi access, air conditioned rooms, cable TV, hairdryer and en-suite bathrooms.

Lots of the city’s famous attractions can be reached within a 15-20 minute walk, including the Hungarian National Museum and the main shopping streets.

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