Experience island fun in Formentera

Holiday in a slice of paradise when you visit Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands. You'll find an intimate experience with wild, serene beauty encompassed by crystal-clear waters.

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Formentera is a popular Balearic Islands destination filled with breathtaking natural features to explore for an unforgettable adventure. Pristine beaches are never too far away given the island’s size, and you can enjoy a bit of shopping as well as some fascinating historical sites.

When you visit Formentera, you’ll come in by boat from either Ibiza or the Spanish mainland, as there is no airport on the island. Instead of clearing out space for runways, this island has worked to conserve its vibrant natural landscapes with towering cliffs and serene greenery. Plus, the small size makes it easy for you to explore everything it has to offer on your next holiday.

Beaches - Find fun in the sun in Formentera

Beaches are among Formentera’s most popular features and often draw in visitors from around the world to experience the soft sands and inviting waters. The blue and turquoise colouring of the Mediterranean is strong here, making it one of the top destinations to experience the iconic waters.

When you visit the beaches of Formentera, one of the first things you’ll notice is just how much room you have. Crowds are virtually non-existent, so you’ll have access to iconic portions of beachfront that will have you feeling as if you’re in your own slice of paradise. Playa des Cavall d’en Borras is a prime example, as it’s close to the port yet still has well-preserved natural features and crystal-clear waters.

Charming Corners - Picturesque towns, towers and natural splendour

Formentera is packed with unique charm and can cater to just about any kind of holiday experience you’re interested in. You’ll find plenty of welcoming small towns and villages across the island, but you can also check out several historic lighthouses of Formentera that boast stunning views of the surrounding waters. La Mola Lighthouse is particularly popular, as it was featured in Jules Verne’s ‘Hector Servadac’.

Exploring the island here will bring you to quite a few impressive natural features. Lakes and lagoons are present throughout, including some that have shallow waters and opportunities for boating. Cycling and hiking paths often connect hidden gems around the island, so it’s easy to explore it all as well.

Monuments - Look into the past

Several monuments can be found around Formentera, and each offers a fascinating glimpse into times past. As you traverse the island, you’ll see impressive churches, historic windmills and even a collection of defence towers known as Martello towers, which are 19th-century forts. You’ll find 4 Martellos across the island as well as other historic towers.

If you want to travel back in history even further than a few centuries, you won’t have to look far on this island. The Roman castle of Can Blai dates back to the late 3rd and early 4th centuries, but that’s just the beginning. The megalithic settlement of Cap de Barbaria lets you see where people lived on this island around the year 1600 BCE. Ca Na Costa dates back even further as a funerary site from 2000 BCE.

Shopping - Peruse local markets

Shopping in Formentera mainly entails visiting several markets in town. The markets primarily offer locally sourced items, and you’re sure to find something to take home to remember your holiday experience. Traditional crafts are especially popular whether you’re looking for baskets, wool, jewellery, glasswork, ceramics or virtually anything else you can imagine.

If you’re looking for sustainability, the markets on this island have much to offer. Recycled materials are commonly used in a variety of items, including art pieces. Each item also tends to have a unique personality imbued by the individual artist who made it. Often, the artists will operate their own vendor stalls, so you can talk to them all about their impressive creations if you like.

Active Tourism - Find thrills on your holiday

Active tourism and sports are easy to find throughout the island even though it’s normally known for its relaxing tranquillity. When you visit Formentera, you’ll find plenty of water sports to enjoy, with a particular focus on scuba diving. The clear and warm waters around the island make diving one of the most popular activities available. You can stay above the water too, of course, with opportunities for sailing, windsurfing and kayaking all year long.

Inland activities are just as easy to enjoy as water sports, thanks to the island’s network of hiking and cycling trails. More than 62 miles of trails are available, and they feature helpful signposting. The trails also tend to take you through several areas of interest around the island and through vibrant pines, junipers and sabinas.

Events - Celebrate your holiday to Formentera

Make sure you time your holiday to Formentera properly so you won’t miss any events you may be interested in. Formentera 2.0, for example, is a technologies and communications conference where you can learn all about the advancement of the digital world and how emerging technologies can contribute both to business and to your daily life. In contrast to a technology conference, you could choose to visit Formentera when the flamingos are nesting at Ses Salines Natural Park.

Other events in Formentera include Formentera Fotografica and Formentera Astronomica. The former is a photography festival featuring a collection of amateurs and professionals showing off their work in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. Formentera Astronomica, held in May, turns your eyes to the stars and lets you learn about space with low light pollution. Kids especially enjoy the hands-on activities, workshops and virtual reality games.

Want to see more of picture-perfect Formentera?

Want to see more of picture-perfect Formentera?