Embark on an unforgettable Castellon holiday

Visit Castellon to immerse yourself in the jewel of Valencia where you can enjoy inviting shores, delicious food and a rich culture you'll never forget.

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Castellon is a welcoming province in Valencia in eastern Spain, where you can enjoy Mediterranean fun, stunning natural scenery and delicious cuisine. You’ll find a pristine coast along the east side, while the west is home to a mountainous region.

Visiting Castellon offers a unique holiday experience that lets you enjoy a bit of every type of adventure you can imagine, whether you want to immerse yourself in nature or the local culture with festivals and fun in the city. When you visit Castellon, make sure to check out the beach, festivals, gastronomy, culture and golf opportunities across the province.


Sun and Beach - Find fun in the sun in Castellon

Castellon’s eastern coast stretches for 120 kilometres and lets you enjoy some of the best beaches and coves in Spain. The sea breeze carries pleasing aromas from orange blossoms and the water itself, offering a refreshing complement to the coast’s warm sun and soft sands. You can count on quality since quite a few beaches along the coast have been awarded the Blue Flag.

You can enjoy various sun and beach experiences in this province. Some beaches are wild and perfect for travellers looking for thrilling adventure and watersports. Others, however, are notably calm and perfect for swimming and relaxing. The latter are especially good for travellers visiting with the whole family.

Festivals - Immerse yourself in Castellonese celebrations

The time of year you visit Castellon can offer a unique experience compared to other times if you take advantage of the festivals in town. Music festivals in Castellon take centre stage. The International Jazz Festival of Peniscola, for example, is held every July, where you’ll find both local and internationally acclaimed artists performing live. Benicassim festival, an annual international indie/pop rock festival, attracts both performers and attendees from around the world.

Many festivals in Castellon adorn the streets with bright lights and host parades to enjoy, so even being a passive observer rather than an active participant can still be an unforgettable experience. Festivals vary quite a bit, with some more serious and religious and others offering light-hearted fun for the whole family.

Gastronomy - Taste Spanish excellence in Castellon

Taste both the mountains and the sea with a visit to Castellon. The local gastronomy of Castellon varies quite a bit depending on which side of the province you find yourself on. On the west side, you’ll find yourself by the mountains with inland favourites like longanizas and butifarras, which are both types of sausages. You can also try mountain snails, a traditional dish that’s a local favourite.

The cuisine is more inspired by seafood than anything else along the coast. Visiting restaurants along the beach can have you enjoying fish that were caught within view of the restaurant itself for unrivalled levels of freshness. On the menus here, you can find stunning dishes like seafood paella and arros negre, the latter of which gets its name from the use of squid ink in its preparation.

Culture - Dive into the history and life of the Castellonese people

The cultural heritage of Castellon is present throughout the entire province, where you’ll find historic sites, ancient remnants and fascinating museums. Museums like the Museu de Belles Arts let you explore the evolution of work from the palaeolithic era to the early Middle Ages. The Museo de Ciencias Naturales in Onda also lets you explore history in a less human-centric way.

Some destinations in the province let you immerse yourself in eras that are long past. For example, Jerica’s Town Hall is remarkably well-preserved, and you can see tombstones from the Roman era. The castle and the watchtower are still just as imposing as they were in centuries past.

Golf - Enjoy a Castellon holiday on the greens

Golfing in Castellon is one of the best ways to have holiday fun. Local courses have a lot of variety, letting you partake in virtually whatever kind of golfing experience you enjoy. The climate of the province makes this possible more than anything else. The areas near the coast are warm enough virtually all year round, though the courses by the mountains are suitable if you don’t want the heat of the beach.

Golf courses in Castellon are high quality and have been used for national and international events in the past. You can find challenges among courses, but others are set up for a more relaxing experience. Additionally, you can find courses with a beachfront backdrop or something with towering mountains and trees surrounding the greens.

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