Cool hotels in Berlin | from rooftop bars to free-standing baths

We’ve all heard about hipster Berlin being Europe’s all-night-party capital and epicentre of artistic endeavours.

But, if you are looking to experience this great city in a truly unique way, then why not stay in one of Berlin’s boutique hotels.

Every hotel on this list boasts unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you are simply looking for a place to chill out, or a place to make some new friends and join the never-ending party, there’s sure to be a hotel to suit you.


Berlin-Mitte is the cosmopolitan and historic heart of the city. Mitte is perfect for visitors wanting to get a real sense of Berlin’s character and an insight into its tumultuous past.

A cool Berlin hotel with a home-from-home feel


Housed in an early twentieth century building in Berlin-Mitte, the Gorki Apartments combine the style and hospitality of a boutique hotel with the home comforts and spacious living areas of a private residence. The home-from-home hotel offers furnished apartments in some of Berlin’s prime real estate, offering access to great shops, sophisticated restaurants and many of Berlin’s favourite tourist attractions.

The apartments are full of creative flair and stylish interior design to make you swoon, such as exposed brick panels, high tech kitchens and huge comfortable king-size beds. One of the best things about staying in a Gorki apartment are their long-term relationships with cool brands that you can take full advantage of. For example, you can borrow a Finnish made Pelago bicycle for your stay, sip on tea from Berlin based start-up Paper & Tea, or indulge in one of their delicious cookies baked by Friedl.

Gorki Apartments

Top rated
9.8 Excellent (1504 reviews)

A cool Berlin hotel with bright and tasteful interiors


Located in the creative centre of Berlin, The Circus is surrounded by galleries, designer boutiques, lively bars and eateries, plus it is close to the melting pot of the old East/West border. This funky hotel includes plenty of contemporary and individual designs, modern German cuisine, a range of in-house events, (they even brew their own craft beer) and of course a warm and pleasant service throughout your stay.

The rooms are bright and bold and some feature Andy Warhol style pop-art on the walls. They range from standard double bedrooms all the way up to suites and apartments. The two-bedroom apartment is perfect for families and comes with its own self sufficient living area and kitchen great for whipping up a snack or entertaining friends.

The Circus Hotel

9.4 Excellent (1154 reviews)

A cool hostel in Berlin for a cheap but chic weekend away


Formerly two 19th century office buildings, this über hostel is a hive of artistic activity right in the centre of Berlin. The hostel has some quirky features such as a sculptural string installation by French artist Sebastian Preschoux and the corridors are filled with super-size signature faces by Thierry Noir. Plus, a historic courtyard, vibrant social spaces and a chill out library where you can kick back and relax.

The cafe and breakfast room are the perfect place to sample German delights and barista-style coffee in cosy surroundings such as wood panelled walls, deep leather sofas and a colourful caricature mural by British artist Luke Embden. The hostel bar is where you can sample locally brewed craft beer, indulge in a game of table tennis or simply admire the décor, including copper plated walls.

Generator Berlin Mitte

8.3 Very good (2912 reviews)

A cool hotel in Berlin with a rooftop buffet


Situated in the centre of Berlin Casa Camper is all about the details and great design. All 51 rooms offer a unique perspective on the architecture and atmosphere of Berlin and feature natural daylight bathrooms, a spacious living area and simple, modern furniture.

Available exclusively to guests, the hotel’s Tentempié buffet is located on the top floor with magnificent views over the city. The idea is that the 24-hour buffet replaces the usual mini bar found in rooms and means you can come and have a fresh sandwich, hot drink or a piece of fruit at any time of day, and get to know some of your fellow hotel guests. All of this is completely free for guests to enjoy and a great place to work on collaborations or simply make some new friends!

Hotel Casa Camper Berlin

Top rated
9.5 Excellent (1594 reviews)

A cool art hotel in Berlin with individually designed rooms


Described as a ‘refuge for art-orientated urban nomads’ this hotel is a feast for the eyes at every turn. Opened in 1995 as an authentic Berlin artist’s project the hotel is now one of the most popular, comfortable and charming hotels within the centre of the city. The neoclassical building has been carefully restored alongside a newer extension in 2003 with some eye-catching architecture.

Over 50 artists conceived and created the concepts for each of the hotel’s rooms, so you may wish you could take a sneak peek in your neighbour’s rooms, as the whole effect is that of a live gallery and a source of every-day inspiration. When entering the lobby guests are greeted by an array of paintings, sculptures and installations, in short everything about this building is dedicated to a love of art.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

8.2 Very good (3512 reviews)


Friedrichshain is the heart of Berlin’s alternative scene and a buzzing creative hub. This neighbourhood is perfect for those looking for bohemian cafes and bars, food markets or clubbing. Read more here.

A cool hotel in Berlin with amazing interiors


This hotel is somewhere between a space ship and a tree house with the rooms all finding new and innovative ways to stay compact whilst providing a feeling of luxurious comfort. You may find yourself in an open plan Luxus room, or a family room with 3-4 elevated beds reminiscent of the Wendy house you used to play in as a child.

The Michelberger hotel is an independent, modern, family-run business with guest satisfaction at its heart. Founded in 2004 as a place to collaborate, a place to engage and a home of ideas, everything about the hotel was carefully selected by its five creators including all of the products used in the bar, restaurant and around the hotel, ensuring the best in quality and an almost geeky level of detail.

Hotel Michelberger

9.0 Excellent (1465 reviews)

A cool hotel in Berlin with great nightlife


Europe’s first music hotel, NHow is located on the bank of the Spree and at the epicentre of Berlin’s music, fashion and arts scene. A mix of cosmopolitan jet setters, business travellers and those looking to experience Berlin’s booming nightlife, they all converge in this bright, fun and slightly wacky hotel.

A standard room is brightly decorated in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, a source of inspiration and an escape from the grind of everyday life. What makes the rooms even more unique is that you can choose your preferred colour scheme from blue, pink or a combination of the two. True to their music roots, the rooms are equipped with entertainment centres and free Wi-Fi, plus the hotel operates a Guitar Room Service, where the staff will happily bring a guitar, keyboard or DJ set-up free of charge to your room, for those moments of inspiration.

nhow Berlin

Top rated
8.7 Excellent (5878 reviews)

Boutique hotels in Kurfürstendamm

Kurfürstendamm (or more commonly known as just ‘Kudamm‘) is West Berlin’s legendary shopping boulevard. Known as the German Champs-Élysées, Kudamm is the beating heart of the western city centre.

A cool hotel in Berlin with a rooftop bar


This place sums up everything that is cool about Berlin. A rooftop bar with 360 panoramas of the city, a young international atmosphere, a prime location in a listed building and eye-catching interior design at every turn, the 25 Hours Hotel Bikini is the place to be and be seen in Berlin.

The rooms are a kind of industrial chic, with any number of curiosities. Instead of a sofa you might find a relaxing hammock hung next to the floor-to-ceiling windows. There are doodles and cartoons drawn on the walls, dramatic drop pendant lamps… and a stuffed monkey, because monkey business is something of a mentality here!

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Top rated
9.4 Excellent (2397 reviews)

A cool hotel in Berlin with sustainable design


The only hotel in Germany to be based on the colour series and design principles of Bauhaus mentor, Le Corbusier, the Ku’Damm 101 offers a beautiful aesthetic and excellent service. The hotel’s interiors follow sustainable design principles, using eco-friendly materials and pairing them with sophisticated and emotive colour schemes. Every room in the hotel is equipped with a suitepad, from here guests can order additional hotel services at the tap of a button, whilst using the pads as in-room entertainment centres for news, music and videos.

The hotel also features dedicated Well-Being Rooms for you to spend some time relaxing and taking some time out for yourself. If you’re looking to watch the world go by, then head outside when the weather is good to the green oasis that is the landscaped courtyard, from here you can indulge in some people-watching along the Ku’damm.

Ku' Damm 101

8.7 Excellent (6280 reviews)

A cool hotel in Berlin with a minimalist aesthetic


A small and personable hotel with an elegant aesthetic, Q! stands out as a fore-runner of Berlin’s boutique hotels. The hotel opened up ten years ago at a time when The Kudamm area was still flying under the radar, and has since become the centre of hip Berliner chic.

More minimalistic than wacky, Q! is nevertheless full of individual quirks. The rooms boast sleek interiors which are both a striking design space and a cosy refuge all at once. One thing you will notice is the all-white theme that runs through the hotel. Almost everything is white. The effect is a soft clean look, that is at once warm and welcoming. Think of it as a blank canvas providing the backdrop for your stay…

Hotel Q!

Top rated
9.0 Excellent (1980 reviews)