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By , 8th May 2018

Take me to the beach! Everyone needs a beach holiday every now and again and there is nothing more idyllic than stepping out of your hotel and straight onto the beach.

We’ve selected our favourite beach hotels from Cornwall to the Canaries, each featuring sea views, easy beach access, sunshine and exclusive facilities such as spas, outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and water sports.

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Read on to see our articles that each focus on a different aspect of a beach holiday. Whether it’s a beach spa in the South West of England or a quiet beach hotel in Spain recommended by the locals.

Take a beach holiday in the UK and enjoy the beautiful English coastline

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On a hot summer’s day there is nothing like a being on a white sandy beach in the UK. Relive childhood holidays spent frolicking in the waves of Devon and Cornwall, rock-pooling on the Norfolk coastline or at the amusements in Blackpool.

In this article you’ll find our recommendations for the best beaches in the UK plus our favourite hotel picks.

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When you are working in the heart of the city it is sometimes easy to forget you are in easy reach of a beach. But, less than two hours away are an array of fantastic beaches, some with pebbles and some with soft white sand, perfect for a weekend of breathing fresh sea air.

Find your nearest beach in the article below:

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Surrounded by a wealth of fantastic beaches, Cardiff is perfectly placed for when the heat wave hits. So why not explore these fantastic beaches all within easy driving distance of the city centre and perfect for a quick weekend away.

Discover the best beaches near Cardiff below:

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Looking for the perfect spot for a relaxing girls weekend or a romantic couple’s break? Well we’ve chosen some incredible spas in the South West of England, all with state-of-the-art facilities including hydro pools, massages, facials, steam rooms, hot tubs and saunas. What more could you want after a day of exploring the coastline!

Click the article link below to discover our favourite spa hotels on the beach:

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Blackpool has long been a favourite hot spot for some fish and chips, fresh sea air, and sunny days spent lying on the beach. In recent years it has undergone something of a rejuvenation and a variety of boutique hotels have sprung up alongside more glamorous options complete with spas and indoor pools.

In this article you can find our favourite selection of hotels in Blackpool: 

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Escape to Cornwall for a weekend break enjoying the best that Cornwall has to offer; stunning beaches, green countryside, and lovely beach hotels perfect for a quick holiday to soak up the sun. Cornwall also benefits from a micro climate that makes it just a shade warmer than the rest of the UK.

Read about the best beach hotels in Cornwall below:

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Book a beach holiday in Spain to get some sun on your bones

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Crowded beaches, bars full of Brits, racing to get a sun bed in the morning? None of that here. We went straight to the source and asked local Spaniards what hotels they would recommend for a relaxing beach break, in some of the nicest areas of Spain.

Click below to read the top Spanish beach hotel recommended by locals:

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A favourite with sun seekers and with plenty of flight connections, Malaga is a great option for those looking to enjoy time on the beach, tapas food, elegant hotels with outdoor pools and sea views, plus a whole heap of sunshine.

Read our selection of the top Malaga hotels below:

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This gorgeous island in the Mediterranean is the perfect spot for a beach holiday, with plenty of stunning beaches to choose from, hidden azure blue coves, great night life, and an array of hotels ranging from super luxurious to cheap and cheerful.

Read our selection of the top beaches in Majorca below:

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Year-round beach holidays in the Canary Islands

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The Canary Islands are always warm no matter what time of year and that makes them the perfect escape for some sun, sea and sand. Home to some fantastic resorts, Tenerife boasts hotels with luxurious outdoor pools, beaches with unique black volcanic sand, great nightlife and a varied landscape to keep everyone happy.

Our top pick of the beach hotels in Tenerife below:

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The second largest island in the Canaries Fuerteventura is a paradise of long white sandy beaches, seafront hotels that also boast inviting outdoor swimming pools, and hotels to suit all budgets whether your are looking for a self catering apartment or a luxurious 5-star affair.

Read about our top beach hotels in Fuerteventura below:

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Lanzarote is one of the most popular destinations in the Canary Islands and for good reason. Blue skies, blue ocean and a wealth of pools perfect for cooling off in with a cocktail.

Click below to view our top pick of the hotels in Lanzarote

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A beach holiday in Portugal by the Atlantic Ocean

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Portugal’s gorgeous beaches, historic castles, quaint fishing villages and vistas of the Atlantic Ocean make it the perfect destination for a beach holiday. We’ve chosen some stunning boutique hotels all with sea views, easy beach access and comfortably chic accommodation.

Read our list of the best boutique beach hotels in Portugal here:

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