8 must-have features of a great business hotel

By , 24th November 2016

If you have a business trip coming up, make sure you follow our guidelines to booking the best business hotel to fit all your needs. Whether you want a spa to relax in at the end of the day, or a killer breakfast to set you up in the morning, we’ve picked the essential components to make a successful trip.

Business travel can be stressful and the time away from home unwelcome. That’s why small factors such as a good night’s sleep and a room that hasn’t been over air-conditioned can make the difference between a great business trip or a complete flop. Use our filters on trivago to ensure you get the best deals on hotels with features such as, breakfast included, single rooms or hotels with free WiFi.

1. Business hotel must-haveThe fresh outdoors

Great John Street Hotel


When working in an office all day, a hotel with some breathing space is ideal, whether it be a rooftop, garden, or a park nearby.


The Great John Street Hotel in Manchester features a Roof Top Garden Playground (its official title), the playground being a heated outdoor seating area with a view over the city. The hotel is located in a converted Victorian school house building and features a library, oyster bar where you can enjoy a traditional Afternoon Tea, or a Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea (think mini burgers and scotch eggs), and several well-equipped meeting rooms.


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Because of the Victorian room proportions, you can look forward to high ceilings, old alcoves, large windows and in general ‘grand’ sized rooms which is perhaps why all rooms have the word Grand in their title. If you pick the Opus Grand, your room will also include a free-standing bath.

2. Business hotel must-have: A killer breakfast

Fraser Suites



The ideal situation when travelling for business is to have access to a small kitchen where you can prepare snacks and light meals for yourself, plus the option of a restaurant downstairs for when you need someone else to do the cooking.

Fraser Suites in Edinburgh is the perfect combination of a self-contained apartment with all the amenities of a hotel. Situated just off the Royal Mile in the heart of old-town Edinburgh, Fraser Suites also boasts a 24-hour gym, daily maid service and a 24-hour reception to help with anything you may need.


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Head downstairs in the morning to the Broadsheet Bistro for a killer breakfast, guaranteed to set you up for the day. Using locally sourced ingredients you can look forward to a full Scottish breakfast complete with haggis.

3. Business hotel must-haveConference facilities

The Landmark Hotel


Looking for a conference venue to impress your guests? Well, the Landmark Hotel in London is a beautiful old-world hotel with Art Deco interiors and huge conference spaces that won’t fail to leave a great first impression.


All 11 state-of-the-art conference rooms are within easy reach of central London and suitable for anything from breakfast meetings to training seminars and exhibitions.


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The hotel boasts a luxurious spa and health club with a 15-metre swimming pool and gymnasium perfect for relaxing after a long day of networking and learning. Head to the Winter Garden restaurant for a gourmet dinner in the centre of the soaring glass-roofed atrium or wind down with a cocktail at Mirror Bar.

4. Business hotel must-haveA sense of social responsibility




A hotel that treats the environment with care is also likely to treat its guests kindly. QBIC in London is an award winning eco city hotel that has ripped out the rule book and redesigned an eco-friendly hotel that still has all the trappings of designer boutique accommodation with less of the carbon stomp.


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The hotel has come up with an ingenious way of making sure we can still have long hot showers without wasting huge amounts of water. QBIC use a state-of-the art technology that mixes air into the water to keep it full-bodied without using huge amounts, and of course there are a selection of organic toiletries to accompany your shower. The hotel also generates part of its own electricity through solar panels on the roof, uses organic mattresses that are incredibly comfortable, all furniture is pre-loved and still loved, plus a night’s stay also includes free use of their Borrow a Bike system.

5. Business hotel must-have: A good night’s sleep

The Benjamin

New York City


When it comes to offering great service and a good night’s sleep, nowhere sets a better example than NYC’s The Benjamin. Offering the personal attention of an elite New York social club, The Benjamin recently underwent a complete top to bottom renovation, turning it into a residence-style boutique hotel with an emphasis on getting a good night’s rest.


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The hotel has partnered with a sleep expert in order to offer guests a truly good night’s slumber. The partnership features a Rest and Renew menu of sleep solutions created by sleep consultant Rebecca Robins, including on-demand meditation, bed time snacks under 200 calories, and a top ten pillow menu such as ‘Anti-Snore’ and ‘Water-Filled.’

6. Business hotel must-have: A spa to unwind in

Jumeirah Frankfurt



As you’d expect from a hotel in the Jumeirah group, the Jumeirah Frankfurt is a whole new world of luxury.  The hotel’s philosophy of holistic treatment makes it the perfect spa retreat in the centre of the city. So if you know you are in for a stressful business trip, book into the Jumeirah and enjoy two saunas, dedicated relaxation areas and a host of treatments and a massages to cure any ailment.


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The hotel also features innovative technologies such as a hybrid room tempering system in the place of air conditioning so you don’t find yourself in a room as dry as the desert and as cold as the Arctic. In addition, there are many fantastic meeting and banquet rooms with incredible views over the city, perfect for entertaining clients or catching up on business.

 7. Business hotel must-have:Post-work drinks

Kimpton Epic Hotel



It’s kind of an obvious one, but who doesn’t like their choice of tipple after a hard day’s work? Well, nowhere shows the world how to party like Miami and if you are lucky enough to be sent to Miami on business then the Kimpton Epic is the place to get the party started.


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Crafted cocktails and light bites all take place in the Lilt lounge where you’ll find live music and solo performances Tuesday through to Saturday, plus art installations, a wine and port menu alongside cocktails, and a vibe that will get you in the party mood in no time. If you find yourselves getting peckish, head upstairs to Area 21 for fine dining with panoramic views over the city lights.  

8. Business hotel must-haveCo-working spaces




Zoku is currently leading the way when it comes to the future of business travel, but one of their key selling points is their magnificent co-working spaces, designed to enhance productivity and featuring anything from a workshop, to a large team-cooking kitchen, music corner, game room – you name it -however you want to work, you will find the perfect space. There’s also plenty of green spaces including rooftop gardens.


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The rooms at Zoku come in the form of lofts, with their own self-contained kitchens, living room, dining room and bathroom with double shower. So you can entertain friends, cook for yourself or simply slump in front of the TV as you please.

To read more about Zoku and our personal experience of staying in a business hotel, check out our in-depth hotel review here.